What to Do If You Have an Abscessed Tooth

At the dental office of Parag S. Kirpekar, DDS located in Parma, Ohio, we do everything we can to help our patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. But what should you do if you have an abscessed tooth or a tooth infection? Both can be caused by similar issues, but there are a few important differences… Read more »

Fractured Tooth Enamel Can Be Restored by a Crown

The enamel layer of each of your teeth is very hard and durable. However, there are rare instances, when a hard fall or a blow to the face can fracture a tooth. This is even more likely to happen if you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis, without the protection of a… Read more »

Our Options to Improve your Smile

Here at , we understand how imperfections like stains, chips and misshapen teeth can leave you feeling awkward in social situations. Our highly trained dental professionals are well-versed in a wide range of methods to improve your smile. The cosmetic restoration options we recommend will vary depending on your smile imperfections and your personal preference…. Read more »

Dental Implants Offer a Several Different Restoration Options

When dental implants first came into regular use in the oral health care industry two decades ago, they were seen as an effective way to restore the full function and appearance of a single lost tooth. As time has moved on dental implant technology has continued to evolve to help offer several different restoration options…. Read more »

Dentures Can Restore Lost or Compromised Teeth

Problems with advanced gum disease or a long history of tooth decay issues can compromise your mouth. While this might impair your ability to chew food, missing teeth or teeth with large areas of tooth decay can also cause problems with your speech and impact your quality of life. In a situation like this might… Read more »

Some Basics About Veneers

If you hide your smile because you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you are not alone. Many people of all ages have stained, damaged, or misshapen teeth. Tooth irregularities can cause one to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. One option you have to beautify your smile is the application of dental veneers. Veneers… Read more »

Common Filling Materials

A small area of tooth decay, more commonly known as a cavity, can often be repaired with a filling. This is simple procedure where your dentist uses a drill to removes the decayed material, before filling it with a substance that is not subject to tooth decay. The location of the cavity and the primary… Read more »

Baby’s Oral Health Begins at Home

Taking care of your baby’s oral health begins after birth, after he arrives with her teeth already hidden in his gums. The American Dental Association recommends that your baby be seen by a dentist six months after the first tooth emerges, and if that is not possible, your child should at least be seen by… Read more »