Unlock Your Smile with Dental Veneers

To enhance the look of your smile to the degree that may not be possible through nature alone, effective cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental veneers can be permanently affixed to the fronts of teeth and customize to give you the smile you desire. For a superstar smile, look no... Read more »

How Effective Are Dental Sealants?

What do you know about oral sealants? We assembled this post for you to help you learn about oral sealants and what they can do for you. If you would be interested in an appointment to receive dental sealants after reading this post, please give us a call at (440)... Read more »

Skip Hard Candies This Holiday

Imagine things you shouldn’t chew on: pen caps, lollipop sticks and maybe even ice come to mind. But what about rock candies? Although jawbreaker candies, unlike most of that list, are edible, their tough structure is too tricky to chew on, and if you do chew on them, you will... Read more »

Family Dentistry: The Basics

With so many unique dental practices around, our team understands how hard it can be to figure out which dental practice is best for the needs of you and your family. That is why we are happy to talk to you about our family dental practice. If you have a... Read more »

Happy Holiday Smiles By Drinking Water

For a happy and healthy smile this holiday season, don’t forget to drink water! If you are dehydrated, your entire body feels the effects. Dehydration can reduce brain function, physical capacity, and energy levels. Proper hydration can combat these issues, as well as create positive effects such as making skin... Read more »

A Tongue Stabilizing Device Can Help Denture Wearers with Sleep Apnea

  The National Sleep Foundation estimates that nearly 40-million Americans struggle with some degree of sleep apnea every year. Common symptoms typically include chronic snoring and episodes of breathing interruption. While this might cause spousal stress, and make a good night’s sleep challenging, it can also pose a threat to... Read more »

The Amazing Durability of Mouth Guards

If you’re wearing an oral mouth guard, we salute you! (And if you’re not wearing one but keen on what one could do, please let us know.) There’s one thing that’s important to note with dental mouth guards: although they’re designed to aid your chompers to last a long time,... Read more »

Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Dental Erosion Treatments

Are you taking the steps necessary to protect your teeth it against the effects of dental erosion? The foods and drinks you are consuming on a daily basis could be contributing to enamel loss and leading to eventual cavities. It is important to make sure your lifestyle choices and your... Read more »

Signs of Teeth Grinding

If you take the advice to “keep a stiff upper lip” when you are stressed literally, you might end up grinding your teeth! There’s a special term for teeth grinding: it’s called bruxism. Bruxism is by nature unconscious. The most frequent form of it is sleep bruxism. While stress may... Read more »

Preparing Your Smile Against Toothaches

Have you taken the time to practice toothache prevention? Are you aware of which signs and symptoms are early indicators of toothaches? Although toothaches have many causes and symptoms, it may be possible that the symptoms are connect to underlying conditions in your oral health. Thus, it is always extremely... Read more »