Early Humans and Early Teeth

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As long as humanity has existed in one form or another, we have had teeth. And as long as we have had teeth, we have had to take care of them.

Dental care in prehistoric times was pretty simple. People made toothpicks out of whatever was at hand, and probably scrubbed their teeth with twigs and leaves. There were no toothbrushes, no dentists and not a drop of mouthwash to be found anywhere (although they may have chewed certain nuts to get rid of bad breath). But most scientists will tell you that our prehistoric ancestors had better teeth than we do!

Diet was probably the key. A diet low in sugar and carbohydrates, but high in vegetables, fruits and protein was the order of the day. Not only did these foods nourish the teeth of early humans, but they were also free of the substances that cause cavities. Early man did not have soda, sports drinks, energy drinks or alcohol. They drank water, which is great for the teeth and body and can help wash away food debris and acids. They also ate a great deal of fibrous foods which in addition to their health benefits also scrub the teeth.

A simple change in diet can help augment your dental routine. In addition to brushing and flossing on a regular basis, you should talk to our dentist, Dr. Parag Kirpekar about how to have a tooth-healthy diet. If you want to find out how your diet can help your teeth, come see us. If you live in the Parma, Ohio, area, you can make an appointment at Parag S. Kirpekar, DDS at phone. And you don’t have to bring your club.